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***Embrionix enters into a partnership with DIGIcas

Laval, Quebec (January 18th, 2016) —Embrionix, a global leader in broadcast video, announces that is has signed a Value Added Reselling Agreement with Japan based DIGIcas. DIGIcas will be promoting, reselling and supporting Embrionix solutions within the Japanese market

Embrionix VP Sales, Denis Pare says “This is the type of partnership we are looking for. Digicas has a very nice complementary line card and a highly skilled, dedicated team. Japanese customers are demanding high product quality and stunning support, I have known and worked with Digicas team for many years and I know for sure that our customers are going to get the support they are expecting from them.” Digicas will be providing the full range of Embrionix IP solutions as well as SD, HD, 3G, 6G to all the way up to 12G SDI for 4K.

DIGIcas President, Reza Zirak says “Whilst everyone’s trying to catch up with the fast growing video over IP and all its flavors and formats, we find that Embrionix can provide a perfect solution to accommodate all. Hybrid system couldn’t be easier, with a simple change of a small module you can achieve your goals and save your CAPEX and heartaches and this is what Japanese market can greatly appreciate. A great line of product along with a very experienced and capable team of engineers and support can give us what we need to serve the challenging and demanding Japanese market.”

With DIGIcas on board to represent Embrionix on the Japanese market, Embrionix is reaching its goal of getting closer to its customers and providing them with local access and support to its solutions. Please visit our website at to find contact info.


Embrionix provides innovative solutions that can be integrated into equipment from various manufacturers and COTS switched. With their unique product design based on “SFP’s” (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) that incorporates conversion functionality, Embrionix enables and simplifies numerous infrastructure solutions. Embrionix is advantageously positioned for a successful transition to IP due to their highly-optimized solution for SDI to IP conversion. SFP modules are installed directly inside IP switches to process the signal encapsulation and decapsulation. Embrionix provides a new approach in the product interface market for broadcast manufacturers. Embrionix designs and builds innovative, advanced SMPTE VIDEO SFPs, emVIEW, emFUSION to close the gap between fiber optic deployments, coaxial deployments, and emerging technology deployments, such as HDMI, composite video, SMPTE-2022-6/7, TR03 (ST2110) encapsulator and decapsulator SFP (SDI to IP SFP). By leveraging its core competencies in video broadcast, the company provides SFP modules (emSFP) with the highest level of flexibility to major broadcasters in the industry. Embrionix headquarters is based in Laval, Quebec. please visit for a distribution network list, or contact our sales team via

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With a solid background of manufacturers, resellers and System Integrators DIGIcas was founded in early 2015 by a small group of industry veterans in the broadcast field.

Researching the new technology DIGIcas started to represent a several well-known broadcast vendors along with a wide range of carefully selected products which mostly are very successful in other regions but had not been introduced to Japanese market or had very little exposure in the past. At the same time with DIGIcas expanding its wings and finding its place in the market and being recognized by the end-users and SIs more vendors approached DIGIcas. Therefore, the line of products has been growing up to become a very sensible solution range for the end-users. The choice is made to have a product that complements other products rather than conflicting with each other.

Giving the best support and service to its clients is DIGIcas’s main goal and it has proven it already to all who it has dealt with. Customer satisfaction is the top of our priorities and we do believe that our success is resulted purely by it.

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