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Please visit our 12G SDI coaxial SFP pages for our Coaxial 12G SDI video SFP (4K, UHDTV-1 SFP, UHDTV-1 emSFP) datasheets

Please visit our 12G SDI fiber SFP pages for our optical 12G SDI video SFP (4K, UHDTV-1 SFP, UHDTV-1 emSFP) datasheets

For the 12G SDI detail characterization report, please sales@embrionix


About Embrionix

Embrionix provides a new approach in the product interface market for broadcast manufacturers. Embrionix designs and builds innovative, advanced SMPTE VIDEO SFPs to close the gap between fiber optic deployments, coaxial deployments, legacy composite deployments and emerging technologies, such as HDMI and SDI to IP SFPs. By leveraging its core competencies in video broadcast, the company provides SFP modules (emSFP) with the highest level of flexibility to major broadcasters in the industry. Embrionix headquarters are based in Laval, Quebec. Embrionix sales offices, representatives, and distribution offices are located in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South America, Germany, France, Israel, and Japan. For more information on pricing and availability, please visit or contact our sales team by E-mail

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