If you’re looking to migrate to IP, you’ll want to start with an IP core deployment that consists of a spine and leaf-type architecture or a simple core switch for achieving signal distribution. To help you interface with surrounding source and destination media devices that are not yet IP native, Embrionix offers a selection of products for converting SDI-to-IP.

Our compact, lightweight and high-density SDI-to-IP emSFPs offer an interchangeable SFP form factor that can be installed inside an SFP cage hosted by other equipment manufacturers, inside COTS equipment or within our own 1RU emMODULAR aggregation frame. Different modules can be interchanged to provide your desired mix of input and output connectivity and processing. The modules can be inserted directly inside 10G SFP/SFP+ cages with a direct interface to a 1GE, 10GE, 25GE and 100GE network, drastically simplifying the gradual integration of IP and SDI equipment.
Available options: ST2022-6, ST2110

  • IP standards Agility; allowing interoperability between products
  • Highly modular: low failure blocks, and easy maintenance
  • Space efficient: Installed inside the switch, beside equipment or behind monitors
  • Cost savings: Less equipment, less cables, and less power consumption

IP – SDI Gateways (emSFP)

Embrionix SDI to IP gateways provide multiple practical interfaces to bridge SDI signals into IP. The modules are based on a small form factor (SFP+) can be installed inside third party equipment with SFP cages for SDI SFPs.
The software-defined emSFP can be configured to run encapsulation such as ST2110 and ST2022-6. In the ordering process, you can choose the platform (emSFP hardware) and then pick different software options for this platform.

  • Zero rack space using SFP slots directly inside Top-of-Rack switch
  • Ultimate modularity with 1 or 2 channels
  • Less equipment, power, and cables
ST2110 MADI emSFP Bi Directional Gateway ST2110 MADI emSFP Bi Directional Gateway IP ST2110-30 to MADI emSFP Bi-Directional Gateway Pinout reference
ST2110 Dual Encapsulator (Fiber) ST2110 Dual Encapsulator (Fiber) ST2110 Encapsulator, 3G-SDI MSA/Non-MSA on host to Multimode fiber Pinout reference
ST2110 Dual De-Encapsulator (Fiber) ST2110 Dual De-Encapsulator (Fiber) ST2110 De-encapsulator, 3G-SDI MSA/Non-MSA on host to Multimode fiber Pinout reference
ST2022-6 Dual Encapsulator (Fiber) ST2022-6 Dual Encapsulator (Fiber) ST2022-6/7 Encapsulator, 3G-SDI MSA/Non-MSA on host to Multimode fiber Pinout reference
ST2022-6 Dual De-Encapsulator (Fiber) ST2022-6 Dual De-Encapsulator (Fiber) ST2022-6 De-encapsulator, 3G-SDI MSA/NON-MSA on host to Multimode fiber Pinout reference

The configuration, monitoring and control software solutions currently proposes a simple server/client software allowing the discovery and configuration of Embrionix IP type modules.

  • Simple to use
  • Multiple clients
  • WEB Based clients
MN SET MN SET Configuration, Monitoring and control software for Embrionix IP devices Pinout reference