If you’re looking to migrate to IP, Embrionix offers its System-on-Chip for converting SDI-to-IP to help you interface with surrounding source and destination media devices that are not yet IP native.

Our compact, ruggedized and high-density SDI-to-IP gateways offer an interchangeable SoC form factor that can be installed inside other manufacturers equipment, significantly simplifying the integration of IP and SDI equipment.

  • Software defined: Platform can host multiple app
  • Standards compliant: Video, audio, ancillary,synchronization and control
  • Versatile: Can use any types of SFP28 or SFP+.
  • Onboard mountable: Compact, ruggedized form factor

IP – SDI Gateways

The SoC - System-on-Chip (IP-SDI) is a compact processing platform that can be integrated into your hardware design to provide advanced processing capabilities such SDI-IP encapsulation and de-encapsulation. The SoC is a Software-Defined hardware platform enabling in field live upgrades as well as re-purposing of the processing functionality.

The solution is perfect to ease your migration to IP with integrated and JTNM tested ST2110 Gateway solution. It provides dual mac output with uplink rates of 10GE or 25GE for full support ST2022-7. On the SDI side, the processor can receive or transmit any HD/3G and UHD SDI signals.

The SoC can be configured via SPI or a RESTful API (JTNM based), NMOS or Ember+.

Design tools available: evaluation board, gerbers of evaluation board, schematics of evaluation board, RESTful API and register mapping

  • Helps reduce development time and cost
  • Qualified and widely deployed SDI to IP Solution
  • JTNM Tested ST2110 and NMOS
  • Available in 10GE or 25GE IP host rates
  • Support HD/3G and UHD
EB82SOC1 EB82SOC1 Software Defined SoC, 10GE/25GE platform Pinout reference
EMOPT-82-xx-2110-GW EMOPT-82-xx-2110-GW ST2110 Gateway Applications for EB82SOC1 (10GbE/25GbE, Encap/De-Encap, NMOS, Ember+) Pinout reference
EMOPT-82-XS-TR08 EMOPT-82-XS-TR08 JPEG-XS Converter Application for EB82SOC1 (10GbE, Encode/Decode, NMOS, Ember+) Pinout reference