Thank you for your interest in Embrionix products. Please note that this form is intended for equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. End users, resellers, system integrators, and rental houses - or any inquiries regarding MediorNet MuoN, FusioN and VirtU products - should visit the Riedel website:

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RIEDEL Communications Canada Inc.
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Embrionix OEM Sales

4600, Louis-B.-Mayer, Laval, QC H7P 6E4, CANADA
Call +1 (450) 688 8171

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Embrionix's sales team, engineers, and manufacturer representatives are located around the world to provide both design and customer service support to our customers. This experienced team of highly-trained individuals is a valuable resource that helps ensure design success by constantly looking ahead to anticipate tomorrow's design challenges, not only in terms of technology and products, but also in the need for world-class customer engineering and design support. If you wish to contact us, write a message in the text boxes below: