ST2110 Gateway Applications for EB82SOC1 (10GbE/25GbE, Encap/De-Encap, NMOS, Ember+)

The EMOPT-82 family of Gateway Applications provides the 'software defined' functionality for the EB82SOC1 System on Chip (SoC) video processing platform. This set of Applications is for conversion between SDI and ST2110.

The base Gateway Application includes either 2 SDI to ST2110 Encapsulators, 2 ST2110 to SDI De-Encapsulators, or one of each, depending on the configuration. Additional channels can be enabled with the EMOPT-82-ADD-2110-GW-2CH option (bi-directional ports 2, 3, and 4 enabled consecutively).

With all four bi-directional ports enabled, the Applications function as 4RX4T (up to 4 each Encap and De-Encap), 2RX6T (up to 2 Encap and 6 De-Encap), or 2TX6R (up to 6 Encap and 2 De-Encap).

There are two primary speeds for the ST2110 Gateway Applications, running at either 10GHz or 25Ghz, which sets both the clockrate of the device itself (determining the maximum data throughput) and the IP interface for operation with 10GbE or 25GbE networks.

With the 25GbE applications, the EMOPT-82-ADD-2110-GW-UHD can be added to enable UHD signal flows (12G SDI).

Configuration and IP flow routing can be achieved via SPI on the connector or it can be controlled in-band through the network. Each Gateway channel supports one Video and Ancillary data flows (ST2110-20, ST2110-40) and 4 Audio flows (ST2110-30). The Gateway comes with the support of ST2022-7 hitless redundancy, utilizing the dual NIC architecture on the EB82SOC1.

With each Application, choose between NMOS or Ember+ control. SPI, I2C, and Restful API protocols are always available in all versions.

All Gateway Applications include Encapsulator side 'Frame Sync' as a standard feature. De-encapsulator 'Clean Switch' can be added with the EMOPT-82-ADD-2110-GW-CS option.

The EB82SOC1 can store up to three Gateway Applications (purchased separately), the user can switch between them via a simple command.

Please refer to the "EB82SOC1 Configuration Guide" for details on the different configuration options.

  • Multichannel conversion between SDI and ST2110
  • Video Bitrates from 1.5G to 12G supported
  • ST2022-7 hitless redundancy via dual NIC architecture
  • Standards Compliant with:
  • * ST2110-10, -20, -23, -30, -31, -40
  • * IS-04 (Discovery)
  • * IS-05 (Routing)
  • * IS-08 (Audio Mapping)
  • * IS-09 (System)
  • * BCP-002-01 (Essence Grouping)
  • * TR-1001 (System Environment and device behaviors)
  • * PTP support : ST2110 10 (AES R16 2016)
  • Reduced time to market for equipment manufacturers
  • Significantly lower engineering development costs
  • Future-proof format agility
  • Software upgradeable as standards and protocols change
  • Unmatched Integration
  • EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-2RX6T-E (10GbE, 2RX6T, Ember+)
  • EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-2RX6T-N (10GbE, 2RX6T, NMOS)
  • EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-4RX4T-E (10GbE, 4RX4T, Ember+)
  • EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-4RX4T-N (10GbE, 4RX4T, NMOS)
  • EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-6RX2T-E (10GbE, 6RX2T, Ember+)
  • EMOPT-82-10-2110-GW-6RX2T-N (10GbE, 6RX2T, NMOS)
  • EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-2RX6T-E (25GbE, 2RX6T, Ember+)
  • EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-2RX6T-N (25GbE, 2RX6T, NMOS)
  • EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-4RX4T-E (25GbE, 4RX4T, Ember+)
  • EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-4RX4T-N (25GbE, 4RX4T, NMOS)
  • EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-6RX2T-E (25GbE, 6RX2T, Ember+)
  • EMOPT-82-25-2110-GW-6RX2T-N (25GbE, 6RX2T, NMOS)
  • ------ Software Add-On ------
  • EMOPT-82-ADD-2110-GW-2CH (adds 2 channels on top of Gateway App)
  • EMOPT-82-ADD-2110-GW-4CH (adds 4 channels on top of Gateway App)
  • EMOPT-82-ADD-2110-GW-6CH (adds 6 channels on top of Gateway App)
  • EMOPT-82-ADD-2110-GW-CS (clean switch)
  • EMOPT-82-ADD-2110-GW-UHD (UHD upgrade)
  • ------ Related Accessories ------
  • EB82SOC1
    Software Defined SoC, 10GE/25GE platform
  • EB82SOC1-EVB
  • MN SET
    Configuration Software for Embrionix IP Devices


EMOPT-82-xx-2110-GW Block Diagram