Software Defined emSFP+ 3G-SDI Gateway, Transceiver, MSA, 10GBase-SR

The EB22LCSD-SM emSFP gateway converts a single SMPTE data flow with a fiber transceiver with one SDI signal at the equipment host connector. The module is 10GBASE-SR compliant with a high power laser transmitter and a high sensitivity PIN photodiode receiver, supporting multimode fiber with LC connectors.

Software defined functionality provides:
• Single Channel Encapsulation or De-encapsulation of either SMPTE ST2110 or ST2022-6
• NMOS, EMBER+, or Restful API protocols

Optional Encapsulation Frame Synchronizer (ST2110 only)
Optional De-Encapsulation Clean Switch (ST2110 only)

This Software Defined SFP can store up to 4 configurations that can be loaded at any time via a simple command (for example, ST2110 Encapsulation with NMOS as one configuration and ST2022 De-Encapsulation with EMBER+ as another). Each EB22LCSD-SM must be ordered with at least one configuration, additional configurations can be added at any time.

Note: Due to the MSA pinout, only single channel Encapsulation/De-Encapsulation are available on the EB22LCSD-SM

The EB22LCSD-SM is hot-pluggable, and interchangeable with other MSA (data pinout) emSFP’s for maximum flexibility. The EB22LC2B-SN (NON-MSA pinout) is also available.

Configuration and IP flow routing can be achieved via I2C on the host connector, or the module can be controlled in-band through the network. Broadcast equipment manufacturers can use this miniature plugin device to provide their customers with a powerful migration path from SDI to IP, with Encap/De-encap fully contained within an SFP module.

** Please contact Embrionix_Sales@riedel.net for availability.

  • Auto-sensing of SD to 3G formats
  • I2C serial interface
  • Control and monitoring via serial interface for:
  • • Alarm reports
  • • Voltage and temperature monitoring
  • • Device configuration information
  • Restful API for simple integration to third party control system
  • Operating temperature range: 0C to 70C
  • Mechanical compliant with INF-8074I & SFF-8472
  • Ganged & Stacked Cage mounting supported
  • Pb-free and RoHS compliant
  • Reduced time to market for equipment manufacturers
  • Significantly lower engineering development costs
  • Future-proof format agility
  • Software upgradeable as standards and protocols change
  • Unmatched Integration
  • Simplified setup and control
  • Low power consumption
    Software Defined emSFP+ 3G-SDI Gateway, Transceiver, MSA, 10GBase-SR
  • EB22LC2B-SN
    Software Defined emSFP+ 3G-SDI Gateway, Transceiver, Non-MSA, 10GBase-SR
  • ------ Software ------
  • EMOPT-1D-2022-6
  • EMOPT-1D-2110-E
  • EMOPT-1D-2110-N
  • EMOPT-1E-2022-6
  • EMOPT-1E-2110-E
  • EMOPT-1E-2110-N
  • MN SET
    Configuration Software for Embrionix IP Devices


EB22LCSD-SM Block Diagram