12G-SDI emSFP+, Transceiver, MSA, HD-BNC, Reclocked w/DA1:3

The EB12HDRT-MMR-DA3 is a 12Gbps SDI emSFP+, HD-BNC, Host Transceiver w/ DA1:3, MSA, Reclocked designed supporting SDI signal up to 12Gbps over 75 ohms coaxial as defined in ST2081, ST2082, ST424, ST292, ST259, DVB-ASI. The module is carefully designed to support SDI pathological test patterns. The EB12HDRT-MMR-DA3 contains two transmitters. One reclocker integrated per channel.

  • ST2082/ST2081/ST424/ST292/ST259 compliant
  • Supports DVB-ASI
  • Supports video pathological patterns at all specified rates
  • DA 1:3
  • HD-BNC connector type
  • Reclocker built-in
  • Control via I2C serial interface includes:
  • • Voltage & temperature monitoring
  • • Module information
  • Hot pluggable and Hot removable with cable/fiber plug in
  • Operating temperatures range from -40C to 85C, contact us for Industrial range
  • Single supply +3.3V
  • Mechanical compliant with SFF-8431 & SFF-8432
  • High-density and future-proof architecture
  • Pathological signal support
  • Superior jitter management and signal regeneration
  • Monitoring and diagnostics at the edge of your product via serial communication
    12G-SDI emSFP+, Transceiver, MSA, HD-BNC, Reclocked w/DA1:3
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EB12HDRT-MMR-DA3 Block Diagram