Embrionix IP solutions consist of powerful emSFP processing devices that can be houses inside an IP switch or an aggregation frame such as the emMODULAR.
This integration provides the most cost effective, the lowest foot print, the lighter weight and least power hungry solution for any IP to IP processing or Gateway conversion from/to SDI and IP.

  • Supports ST2022-1, ST2022-2, ST2022-6, ST2110
  • Fast and simplified setup
  • Deterministic system behaviour
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Best use of your space
  • Piece of mind maintenance


All-IP Core Infrastructure & Media Signal Processing Hub w/32 slots and 1800GE aggregation (Frame w/single Power Supply)
emMODULAR-48-8 IP Aggregation Frame emMODULAR-48-8 IP Aggregation Frame
Modular 48x25G emSFP slots with 8x100G aggregation ports frame
ST2110 UHD Down Converter ST2110 UHD Down Converter
ST2110 IP UHD to SD/HD/3G down converter
ST2110-30 Audio Router ST2110-30 Audio Router
2048x2048 Audio Router, 64 Flows & 32ch/flow, 10GE host rate APP