The high sensitivity and feature-rich video optical SFP. The video SFP EB60LC family contains the Embrionix's optical video SFP (emSFP) over LC/PC connectors. The sensitivity of this video SFP family can reach -22dB at 3G-SDI with a pathological signal and even more with the configurable output power of the Embrionix video SFP optical transmitter. The solution is designed around and inputs/outputs interchangeable SFP form factor. Installed inside and SFP cage hosted by other equipment manufacturers, the modules can be interchanged to provide a different mix of input and output connectivity. For information on UHD-SDI video SFP, please see UHD-SDI video SFP section.

  • Multiple I/O configurations for loopback, distribution amplifier built-in
  • Superior jitter management and signal regeneration
  • Single SFP cage with multiple I/O options (coax, fiber, HDMI, composite)
  • Patented latch prevents undesired disconnects
  • Video SFP support current and new standards
  • Embrionix Video SFP are SMPTE compliant (ST424, ST292, ST259, ST296)


EB90HD2T-MNE-13F *** Not recommended for new desig EB90HD2T-MNE-13F *** Not recommended for new desig
3G/HD/SD/ASI SDI video SFP (emSFP) hybrid, dual transmitter, medium reach, non-MSA, HD-BNC, 1310nm, reclocked