The emMODULAR aggregation frame accommodates 48 emSFP IP processing modules ( ST2022-1, ST2022-2, ST2022-6, ST2022-7, ST2110) and efficiently and reliably aggregates IP flows to a redundant core IP network. The platform is configured for highly redundant IP Media routing preventing flows to be mixed between Main and Secondary networks.

  • Supports ST2022-1, ST2022-2, ST2022-6, ST2022-7, ST2110
  • Fast and simplified setup
  • Deterministic system behaviour
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Best use of your space
  • Piece of mind maintenance


Product Supported formats Description
emMODULAR-48-4 emMODULAR-48-4 0 emMODULAR-48-4 Modular 48x10G slots with 4x 40G aggregation ports frame (1RU)