Configuration, Monitoring and control software for Embrionix IP devices

The emSET software is a server/client software that can be run on Windows or on Linux platforms. The software discovers Embrionix IP products and provides full access to configure, control and monitor each devices. The Server software can be installed on a PC or VM running seperated or along side to the client application. Multiple instances of clients GUI can be run in parallel through an internet web browser.
This software supports emSFP-Gateway modules, as well as emFUSION and emVIEW standalone devices in any encapsulation formats.The software also support multiviewers and the down converter devices.
IP flow routing can be achieved through the use of a simple routing control panel.

  • Modules discovery
  • Device and flow configuration, monitoring and control
  • Easy navigation using search and filtering engines and tagging
  • Simple control panel
  • Device location in the network (LLDP)
  • Routing in group of multiple flows and attributes (Logicals)
  • Bulk configuration possibilities
  • Bulk live update of modules
  • Fast configuration
  • Easy to use, zero time training
  • Free with the purchase of any Embrionix IP products
  • emSET software
  • Comes free of charges with purchase of Embrionix IP products


emSET Block Diagram

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User Guide

emSET User Guide

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emSET Release note