emMODULAR-48-8 IP Aggregation Frame

Modular 48x25G emSFP slots with 8x100G aggregation ports frame

The new emMODULAR’s compact 1RU frame offers more than twice the density of other available solutions, supporting up to 64 x 4K UHD, 96 x 3G miniaturized Embrionix gateways/ 48 emSFP IP processing modules within a single RU space.
The aggregator allows IP flows to be routed inside the frame or within an IP system through eight 100GE aggregation ports.
The frame can be used for bulk gateway conversion, simple IP signal aggregation or any other IP signal processing functions.
The emMODULAR uses an IT base technology adapted for real-time highly mission critical broadcast application.
The system can be configured with a complete segregation of two independent networks providing full support of ST2022-7 to the modules. The aggregator comes with the supports of PTP (boundary clock mode).

  • 48 emSFP slots, with processing capacity of up to 96 channels per RU
  • Modular platform using hot swappable emSFP modules
  • Support of multiple encapsulation formats such as ST2022 and ST2110
  • High bandwidth aggregation pips
  • Supports PTP boundary clock mode
  • Can provide 96 3G/HD-SDI or 48 HDMI destination to your monitors.
  • Can convert up to 96 SDI signals from or to IP.
  • Can aggregated signals from 48 IP (10/25GE) devices to your network.
  • Can be used as a multi-channel processing device.
  • Can accommodate up to 48 quad split processors in a single RU.
  • emMODULAR-48-8-R [Modular 48x25G emSFP slots with 8x100G aggregation ports frame (1RU) Front-Rear Ventilation]
  • emMODULAR-48-8-SUPP [1 year Support Contract for the emMODULAR-48-8 ]


emMODULAR-48-8 IP Aggregation Frame Block Diagram