Standalone UHD-SDI to IP ST2110 Encapsulator with Dual Network ports

The emFUSION-7-SDI standalone UHD IP Gateway Encapsulator converts two SDI signals into IP over the fiber optic connector. The dual NIC interface gateway can be connected to two independent networks for hitless redundancy support (ST2022-7). A single fiber optic link is required to send either ST2110 or ST2022-6 IP signals plus in-band control for a full optimization of cabling between the switch and your device.
ST2110 encapsulation:
The ST2110 Encapsulator supports one (1x) video and ancillarydata flows (ST2110-20, ST2110-40) and 8 x audio flows (ST2110-30). Audio mapping is available through an internal 16x128 audio channel matrix.
SDI input feeds can be free run and frame sync via an optional frame synchronizer.

The modular design of the miniature frame allows the re-use of software-defined emSFPs and can store up to 4 x software options that can be loaded at any time via a simple command.

** Please contact factory@embrionix.com for availability.

  • Miniature frame
  • 2 x channels encapsulation
  • Auto-sensing of HD/3G/UHD formats
  • Frame synchronizer option
  • Built-in 16x128 audio channel matrix
  • Dual NIC interface
  • Available in Multimode or Singlemode fiber
  • Future-proof format agility
  • Low power consumption
  • Software upgradeable
  • Simplified setup and control
  • Simple Restful API for third party control system
  • Future-proof investment (software- defined emSFP)
  • Fully resilient signal flow
  • Low cost conversion for an easy transition to IP
  • Space, power and weight economies
  • In field, upgradeable
  • Platform (ST2110 encapsulation option included):
  • emFUSION-U-7-SDI-MM [UHD-SDI to IP ST2110 Encapsulator w/Dual Networks Over Fiber, 850nm, Multimode, LC/PC]
  • emFUSION-U-7-SDI-SM [UHD-SDI to IP ST2110 Encapsulator w/Dual Networks Over Fiber, 1310nm, Singlemode, LC/PC]
  • Software add-on
  • emOPT-4E-2110-FS [2110 Encapsulation Frame Sync Add-on]
  • Power supply and bracket:
  • emPS-RED [Redundant power supply for em2x2-2]
  • em2PS [Power supply for the miniature frame]
  • emBOX-MBR-18 [emBOX rackmount bracket supporting 18 emBOX (2RU)]
  • Accessories:
  • EB00CA02-24A [HD-BNC Plug (M) to BNC Jack (F) Cable adaptor, 24 in Belden 1855A]
  • EB00CA03-36A [HD-BNC Plug (M) to BNC Jack (M) Cable adaptor, 36 in Belden 1855A]
  • EB00CB02-04A [HD-BNC Plug (M) to BNC Jack (F) Cable Assembly, 4 Feet, Belden 1855A]
  • EB00CA10-03A [HD-BNC Plug (M) to BNC Jack (F) Cable adaptor, 3 in Belden 1855A]
  • EB00CA10-36A [12G capable HD-BNC Plug (M) to BNC Jack (F) Cable adaptor, 36 in Belden 1855A]
  • EBC1LCRT-LR-P13F [25GE MSA SM SFP 10km 1310nm]
  • EBC1LCRT-SR-P85V [25GE MSA MM SFP 300m 850nm]


emFUSION-U-7-SDI Block Diagram