Software-Defined SFP - Dual Receiver

Software Defined emSFP (2x Receiver), MSA, HD-BNC - 10GE IP host

The software-defined SFP (emSFP) is an agile platform that can be used as a gateway converter or many other processing function. The SFP is installed inside an IP switch and can join different IP streams and provide 2 SDI outputs on the connector end. The platform can run different software defining the functionality of the solution. Each software program is available as a separate option via a license program. The SFP can be defined to run ST2022-6, ST2110, and many other functions as they become available.

Please contact Embrionix team to get the up-to-date list of software.

  • Software defined platform capable of running different programs including ST2110, ST2022 encapsulation
  • Zero additional footprint
  • Modularity of Gateway process by one channel
  • Future-proof format flexible agility
  • Low power consumption
  • Simplified setup and control
  • Simple Restful API for third party control system
  • Single platform, many functions, in-line with virtualization trend
  • Future-proof investment (Software Defined emSFP)
  • Low cost conversion for an easy transition to IP
  • Space, power and weight economies
  • In field, updatable
  • Platform:
  • EB22HDRT-LM-0516 [Software Defined emSFP (2x Receiver), MSA, HD-BNC - 10 GEIP host]
  • Software Options:
  • emOPT-1D-2022-6 [2022-6 De-Encapsulation Option (Single channel)]
  • emOPT-2D-2022-6 [2022-6 De-Encapsulation Option (Dual channels)]
  • emOPT-1D-2110 [2110 De-Encapsulation Option (Single channel)]
  • emOPT-2D-2110 [2110 De-Encapsulation Option (Dual channels)]


Software-Defined SFP - Dual Receiver Block Diagram