Software-Defined SFP - Dual RX

Software-Defined SFP, SDI dual receivers - IP switch host, MSA, HD-BNC

The software-defined SFP (emSFP) is a new class of SFP/SFP+ and emSFP where the hardware is generic (dual receiver to ANY format) and the software will dictated what the emSFP will do. The softwares available for the software-defined SFP are: ASI to 2022-1/2, SDI to 2022-6, SDI to 2022-7, SDI to 2110, SDI SDR to SDI HDR , SDI SDR to 2110 HDR, Nating functions, Please contact Embrionix team to get the up-to-date list of software.

  • Unique hardware (software-defined SFP)
  • Live updatable and live upgradable between all the softwares
  • SD-SFP can contain up to 4 differents softwares, changeable in real-time
  • Supports ST2022-1/2, ST2022-6/7 and ST2110, Nating functions,etc.
  • Plug directly in switches 1GE/10GE/25GE, Arista, Cisco, Mellanox, Juniper, etc
  • NMOS compliant
  • Simple Restful API for third pary control system
  • Zero additional footprint
  • Modularity by one channel
  • Future-proof format flexible agility
  • Low power consumption
  • Interoperability made easy
  • Resolves interoperability between multiple formats/standards
  • Supports of ST-2022, 2110, AES67 and ASPEN
  • Encoding & Decoding of compressed signals such as JPEG-2000, VC-2* and Tico*.
  • Simplified setup and control
  • Zero setup via standardized auto-discovery mechanism
  • Simple Restful API for third party control system
  • emOPT-1E-2022-6 (Software For Single Encapsulator 2022-6)
  • emOPT-2E-2022-6 (Software For Dual Encapsulator 2022-6)
  • emOPT-1E-2022-7 (Software For Single Encapsulator 2022-7)
  • emOPT-2E-2022-7 (Software For Dual Encapsulator 2022-7)
  • emOPT-1E-2110 (Software For Single Encapsulator 2110)
  • emOPT-2E-2110 (Software For Dual Encapsulator 2110)
  • emOPT-2E-ASI (Software For Dual ASI to IP Encapsulator)


Software-Defined SFP - Dual RX Block Diagram