ST2110-30 Audio Router

2048x2048 Audio Router, 64 Flows & 32ch/flow, 10GE host rate APP

In typical IP systems, devices from diverse vendors implement different audio mapping strategies. This interoperability issue can be easily fixed by the Embrionix SFP IP 2048 square Audio Router. The Audio Router can receive and send up to 64x ST2110-30/31 audio flows each one including up to 32x audio channels. The plugable device provides full flexibility of re-mapping your audio channels to establish proper adaptation to your destination device. The Audio Router also features clean switching, audio packet time adaptation and volume control.

  • Support of 2110-30
  • 64 x 64 flows
  • 32 channels per flow
  • Full support of audio mapping
  • Support of ST2022-7
  • Can be controlled using RESTful API, Ember+ or NMOS
  • Save space
  • Solves interoperability between IP products