ST2110 emQUAD-DMI IP Quad split

Miniaturized Quad-Split viewer, IP ST2110 to HDMI/SDI w/ mosaic ST2110

The all new Standalone em-QUAD multiviewer can be installed directly at the back of your HDMI display to provide a quad split view of 4x IP SMPTE ST2110 video flows.

The quad processor can be configured with various layouts including quad split view, or each individual video full screen. Each video window is presented with text labels and tallies. Fine video details such as texts are rendered in a very precise matter thanks to the emSFP-QUAD built-in high-quality multi-tap scaling engine.

** Please contact for availability.

  • Four ST2110 video streams
  • High quality multi-tap scaling engine
  • Short processing delay
  • Auto-sensing of SD-SDI to HD-SDI at 50/59.94hz
  • Available with HDMI or SDI outputs at 1920x1080 50/59.94Hz
  • A single fiber connection carrying IP streams and control
  • Small frame can be installed at the back of a monitor
  • Reduced wiring and cost by removing the need for extra HDMI extenders and ethernet cables
  • Zero rack space inside the equipment room
  • Converts inexpensive HDMI monitors into IP ST2110 capable monitors
  • emQUAD-DMI-MM [IP Quad split multiviewer to HDMI, 850nm Multimode, LC/PC]
  • emQUAD-SDI-MM [IP Quad split multiviewer to SDI, 850nm Multimode, LC/PC]
  • Power and bracket options:
  • em2PS [Power supply for the miniature frame]
  • emPS-RED [Redundant power supply for em2x2-2 (Requires the em2PS)]
  • emBOX-MBR-18 [emBOX rackmount bracket supporting 18 emBOX (2RU)]
  • Cable options:
  • EB00CC04-02C
    HDMI Type D to HDMI Type A cable assembly, 2m long, 3G/HD/SD/ASI capable
  • EB00CC05-02C
    HDMI TYPE D TO DVI PLUG cable assembly, 2m long, 3G/HD/SD/ASI capable
  • EB00CE04-15C
    HDMI-D Plug to HDMI-A Plug, 15 centimeters, 3G/HD/SD/ASI capable
  • EB00CE04-25C-NL
    HDMI-D Plug to HDMI-A Plug , 25 centimeters, No Lock on HDMI-A, 3G/HD/SD capable
  • EB00CD04-01S
    Fiber Optic Cable, LC/LC, Single Mode, Duplex - 1 meter (9/125 Type) , 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD/ASI capable


ST2110 emQUAD-DMI IP Quad split Block Diagram