ST2110 Single De-Encapsulator (HDMI)

ST2110 De-encapsulator, Single Receiver 10GB host to HDMI

The ST2110 de-encapsulator Gateway converts an IP signal into an HDMI output. The miniature plugin device (SFP+) is installed inside the IP switch receiving flows on its host and converting the output to the connector.

ST2110 de-encapsulation:
The ST2110 De-encapsulator supports one Video and ANCILARY data flows (ST2110-20, ST2110-40) and 4 Audio flows (ST2110-30). Audio shuffling and breakaway is available through an internal 128x16 audio channel matrix.
Switching between video flows can be processed in a clean manner as well as audio switching quietly by enabling a software option.

The modular design of the miniature frame allows the re-use of Software Defined emSFPs and can store up to 4 software options that can be loaded at any time via a simple command.

** Please contact for availability.

  • Unmatched integration
  • Up to 48 Gateways inside a single RU space
  • Wide and Narrow senders support
  • Clean and Quiet switching option
  • 1x ST2110-20, 8x ST2110-30 and 1x ST2110-40 flows
  • Built-in 128x16 audio channel matrix
  • Auto-sensing of SDI to 3G formats
  • HDMI 1.4 Type D output at 1080p with center mapping of any input formats
  • Zero additional footprint
  • Modularity of Gateway process by one channel
  • Future-proof format agility
  • Low power consumption
  • Up-gradable to ST2022-6/7
  • Simplified setup and control
  • Simple Restful API for third party control system
  • Built-in audio shuffling and breakaway capabilities
  • Future-proof investment (Software Defined emSFP)
  • Low cost conversion for an easy transition to IP
  • Space, power and weight economies
  • In field, up-gradable
  • Platform:
  • EB22TDRT-SM-0520 [Software Defined emSFP, (1x Receiver) MSA, HDMI type D - 10GE IP Host]
  • Software Options:
  • emOPT-1D-2022-6 [2022-6 De-Encapsulation Option (Single channel)]
  • emOPT-1D-2110 [2110 De-Encapsulation Option (Single channel)]
  • Software add-on
  • emOPT-2D-2110-CS [2110 De-Encapsulation Clean Switching Add-on]
  • Related Accessories:
  • EB00CE04-25C-NL
    HDMI-D Plug to HDMI-A Plug , 25 centimeters, No Lock on HDMI-A, 3G/HD/SD capable
  • EB00CC04-02C
    HDMI Type D to HDMI Type A cable assembly, 2m long, 3G/HD/SD/ASI capable
  • EB00CC05-02C
    HDMI TYPE D TO DVI PLUG cable assembly, 2m long, 3G/HD/SD/ASI capable
  • em2x2-2
    Dual SFP 2x2 configuration miniature frame
  • em2PS
  • emPS-RED