SDR to HDR Up-converter

SDR to HDR Color Space Conversion

The standalone SDR to HDR up-converter converts an SDI signal with an SDR color space into HDR.

Unlike other typical Look Up Table (LUT) HDR type converters generating images with artificial colors and contrast, the Embrionix SDR to HDR solution uses an adaptive color correction process delivering a natural image rendering. Therefor, you get much brighter contrast, and can perceive more details in the black scenes.

Producers care about their content, we make sure the artistic intend is preserved through the up-conversion process.

  • Adaptive algorithm providing constant results form one scene to another
  • Support of PQ10, HLG and SLog3 color conversion profiles
  • Small standalone platform
  • No need to adjust or configure the conversion to adapt for the different scenes (external, internal, daylight, evening...)
  • The initial intend is preserved, colors are natural
  • Highest dynamic range
  • Maximized image brightness
  • Detailed blacks
  • Plateform:
  • emEXTEND-PROC-2-3G-SDI Dual 3G/HD-SDI Processing Standalone Software Defined Platform
  • Profile Options:
  • emOPT-SDR-HDR-PQ SDR to HDR Color Space Conversion Option with PQ fonction (Dual Channels)
  • emOPT-SDR-HDR-HLG SDR to HDR Color Space Conversion Option with HLG fonction (Dual Channels)
  • emOPT-SDR-HDR-SLog3 SDR to HDR Color Space Conversion Option with SLog3 fonction (Dual Channels)
  • Bracket and PSU:
  • emPS-RED Redundant power supply for em2x2-2
  • em2PS Power supply for the miniature frame
  • emBOX-MBR-18 emBOX rackmount bracket supporting 18 emBOX (2RU)


SDR to HDR Up-converter Block Diagram